Hi and thanks for visiting. I’m from a small, unknown, off-the-grid place called Brooklyn. I’ve been living in Stockholm a few years and turning more Swedish by the day. I’m leading design at Schibsted Fintech, where we’re building a few apps that leverage our sister businesses. Good times. Before Schibsted, I co-founded a blockchain DApp called Primablock with two developers. We peaked at one of the most active apps on the blockchain.

I took a windy road to arrive here. I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania without any career interests. I started on Wall St. and tried a few other jobs until I got discovered — as they say — by the fashion industry. I spent several years as a hobo… I mean, male model. I had some cool experiences, traveled, and made tons of acquaintences. My most notable jobs were spreads in GQ and Men’s Health magazines. It's ironic that I booked them as I was leaving the industry for design. But I was ready to move on. Speaking of design, this is all I do and all I want to do. I started my journey at General Assembly’s UX Immersive program and I was off to the races. Immediately after graduating, I teamed up with classmate / friend, Pedro do Ó, to design a football social betting app for a Rio de Janeiro based startup. After that, I set sail to begin anew in Stockholm. Creating satisfies me more than anything I’ve done. I’m motivated by the impact that design solutions have on people and industries, and I enjoy how often designing puts me into a flow state. I'm constantly learning and experimenting. The whole process is amazing. I’m one happy camper.

interests 😀
  • • Design
  • • Technology / coding
  • • Blockchain
  • • Fitness
Ha det bra så länge!