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Welcome. I’m from a small, off-the-grid place called Brooklyn. I’ve been in Stockholm a few years, turning more Swedish by the day. I’m leading design in Schibsted Fintech’s growth group, where we’re building native apps from scratch. Good times. Before Schibsted, I co-founded a blockchain DApp called Primablock. We peaked as one of the most active apps on the blockchain. Good times.

I took a windy road to arrive here. I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania without any career interests. I started on Wall St. because it was the path of least resistance from my school. I tried a few other jobs, then I got discovered — as they say — by the fashion industry. I spent a few years as a hobo… I mean, male model. I had some cool experiences, traveled, and made tons of acquaintances. My most notable jobs were spreads in GQ and Men’s Health magazines. It's ironic that I booked them as I was leaving the industry for design. But I was ready to move on.

Speaking of design, this is all I do and all I want to do. I started my journey at General Assembly’s UX Immersive program and was off to the races. Immediately after graduating, I teamed up with a classmate / friend to design a social betting app for a Rio de Janeiro based startup. After that, I set sail to begin anew in Stockholm.

Creating satisfies me more than anything. I’m motivated by the impact that design solutions have on people and industries, and I enjoy how often designing puts me into a flow state. I'm constantly learning and experimenting. There’s nothing like it.


I’ve read some books that have had a lasting impact on me. But those caliber of books are hard to find, so I’m always on the lookout for great recommendations. Below are mine.

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper LeeHow The Scots Invented the Modern World by Arthur HermanEnder's Game by Orson Scott CardDeep Work by Cal NewportGates of Fire by Steven PressfieldCity of Thieves by David BenioffSapiens by Yuval Noah HarariThe Obstacle is the Way by Ryan HolidayRadical Candor by Kim Scott
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